Using My Space To Funnel People To Your Site


My Space is a Land of Infinite Traffic. When you have an online business your biggest worries are going to be how can I get traffic to be funneled to my site?

My Space can become another medium you can use to funnel traffic to your account, another way to get more views and more eventual clients or sales.

However, you want to make sure you’re my space account doesn’t get deleted or marked as spam by those who you try to add as friends.

Therefore, you’re my space page should be mostly about you; you must introduce yourself, here you are selling yourself, not your product. You are gathering friends, using technology like friend blaster, by searching out profiles that represent people similar to you and/or the ideologies of success and wealth development.

The most successful thing you can do to use my space to funnel people to your site is make friends. Yes, you will probably be using a generic layout for all of your profiles, yes it is only about generating leads, yes you want people to buy your product, and no, you don’t want any friends. But this is wrong. Branding your personality in your my space profile is what will get people to click on the links and funnel traffic to your site what does clickfunnels cost.

No body in my space wants to deal with any more spam, and it’s hard enough with your real friends sending you affiliate marketing ploys for petty items such as ring tones and gift cards to be accepting unknown people as your friend that appear bland and let us say “marketed”. A good marketer is one who markets to people without them truly knowing that they are being marketed too. Like a good lizard is a lizard that eats many bugs you too will find yourself full of the potential to SQUASH you enemies like little bugs.

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